Unit Leasing

Oceana South Rental Application - Click to download.
Oceana South Rental Handbook for Owners & Tenants - Click to download.

The Association does allow rentals of units, with some provisions.  Rentals must be for a minimum of three (3) months per lessee and must be approved by the Board and/or management.  Owners who lease their units should understand that their tenants are their responsibility, and that the building and grounds are considered “home” to most of the residents.  Some tenants arrive with the expectation that Oceana South is a resort, with services and amenities on the order of the local Holiday Inn. It is important that owners clearly and accurately present the condominium to prospective tenants and inform them of the rules of the Association. 

The management of Oceana South Condominium does not directly handle ANY leasing or rental issues for individual owners. For any questions regarding the availability of any unit, prospective tenants should contact a local real estate agent. The Association does not endorse or recommend any local agent. 

Tenants must fill out the condominium association rental application in addition to any lease or application that an owner requires. There is a non-refundable fee of $100 that must be submitted with the application. The rental application includes a complete list of the Rules & Regulations of the Association. The Board strongly encourages all prospective tenants to carefully read the rules to ensure that there will be no misunderstandings during the lease term. Prospective tenants should understand that, while this is not an age-restricted community, young children and teenagers must be counseled as to the rules and supervised accordingly.

Many owners ask why rentals must be for a 3-month term.  The answer is because of local fire codes.  The building is classified as a Residential building, which does not require sprinklers in every unit.  If short-term rentals were allowed, the building would be re-classified as a Commercial Lodging establishment, and the Florida State Fire Marshall would require sprinklers in EVERY unit –a project that would be costly and unsightly, as sprinkler pipes would be visible in the unit.

When planning to lease out a unit, here are a few items owners need to know:
 In addition to any lease application an owner may require, a tenant must submit the Association application to the office AT LEAST 15 days in advance of the lease start date.  Applications are available from the manager.  There is a NON-negotiable application fee of $100 per lease term. Returning lessees from a prior year MUST fill out a new application and pay the application fee.

  1. The management and maintenance staff does NOT provide ANY personal services to renters. Owners should clearly discuss with the tenant how they will address any issue with the unit upon arrival or during their lease term.  If there is an issue that involves the association, the owner should call the manager to discuss it. Please inform tenants that they should not ask any of the staff for help with luggage, moving furniture, changing light bulbs, etc., as these are examples of personal services that are not provided.
  2. THERE ARE NO ITEMS ALLOWED TO BE STORED ON THE ENTRANCE WALKWAYS. THIS INCLUDES BEACH CHAIRS, TOWELS, FLOTATION DEVICES, SPORTS EQUIPMENT, UMBRELLAS, ETC.  This is a St. Lucie County Fire Ordinance.  Violators will be reported to the Fire Marshall and may be subject to a fine and county court fees.
  3. The carts at the entrance are for moving lightweight luggage and household items ONLY.  If a tenant has heavy items, please instruct them to contact the manager in advance to arrange for a heavy-duty maintenance cart. 
  4.  The gate and door entrance system is a telephone-based system. If tenants wish to have their name on the gate directory to allow entry to guests, the Association must have a local phone number, either one in the unit or a local cell number.  No long distance numbers are permitted.
  5.  Access to the Recreation Center is by the use of a key fob remote system, as discussed in the Access Control Systems section. No other entry mode is allowed.
  6. The unit owner should give the tenant the remote gate opener(s) and key fob remotes for the front gates, door and Recreation Center and instruct them on their use. Replacement remotes can be purchased in the office for $50.00,  replacement fobs are $25.00.
  7.  Please make tenants aware that this is not a resort.  The Lobby and the Social Room are for the enjoyment of everyone, and as such, are really everyone’s living room.  Beach cover-ups and shoes in the lobby area are required AT ALL TIMES.  Wet floors cause accidents, particularly with older residents, so tenants should be reasonably dry before entering the lobby from the pool area or beach. 
  8.  Tenants should be made aware that the building does not employ a 24 hour cleaning staff.  During overnight hours, and on weekends, any spill or mess made in elevators, the lobby, the social room, or on the exterior catwalks should be cleaned by the person who made it.
  9.  Owners should inform tenants that any invited guests are the tenant’s responsibility and review the rules regarding guests.