Unit Sales 

Agents and prospective buyers may download a current copy of the application by clicking here: Oceana South Sales Application

Agents and buyers may also download the state-required disclosure form by clicking here:
2015 Florida Condo FAQ Sheet

Owners who list their units for sale should notify the office upon signing a listing agreement with a real estate agent. The Association must process several documents as part of the closing of a sales contract, and the office should also be notified of a pending Purchase & Sale Agreement. Owners should confirm with their agent that a copy of the P&S Agreement has been forwarded to the office, and that the prospective buyers have also completed the condominium association's sales application.

Buyers must submit a completed sales application and the Purchase & Sale Agreement on the unit along with the $100.00 application fee. No paperwork will be processed without the application fee. Application fees are non-refundable. Please allow fifteen (15) days for the Association to approve the application. All prospective buyers should note the fees charged by the Association during a transfer. Some fees are waived for a refinance, retitle to a spouse or to an owner's trust or for other estate-planning purposes.

 Fees charged at closing Estoppel Letter $100.00
  Certificate of Approval $100.00
  Reserve Fund Contribution See Below

Bank Financing of Units

Buyers who are pursuing a mortgage for a unit should note that banks require a significant amount of documentation and follow-up from the Association. For this reason, the office charges a $150.00 Mortgage Application Fee.  Many banks and mortgage companies will pay this fee directly to the Association as part of the mortgage process. However, this is the buyer's responsibility and the buyer will be invoiced directly.  Buyers should check with the mortgage originator for details.

Reserve Fund Capital Contribution

The Association charges a fee upon transfer of ownership that is equal to one (1) quarterly payment of the yearly assessed maintenance fee. For the 2013 Fiscal Year, the fees are as follows:

 One Bedroom $1.373.55
 Two Bedroom $1,488.98
 End Unit $1,829.39

Owners and buyers should also note that Lobby Entry Keys, Gate Remotes and the blue Pass Fobs for the Recreation Center and the entry systems are the property of the OWNER. Each unit was assigned TWO (2) gate remotes and TWO (2) pass fobs when those systems were installed.  These are considered property of the unit and will transfer with the unit upon the closing.  This information is provided to the prospective buyer at closing, so if an owner does not have all these items available, this must be disclosed to the buyer, since the Association WILL charge the new owner for replacement of these items.

 Gate Remote $ 50.00
 Pass Fob $  25.00
 Lobby Key $  50.00