Condominium Owner Information

Download Here: Oceana South Owner Manual

Condominium life can be a wonderful way to live – as long as one understands the concept of the condominium and accepts both its benefits and limitations. Along with sharing expenses for a residence with recreation facilities, condominium living also provides a sense of community and security for all the inhabitants.

One of the biggest benefits to the condominium concept is the idea of sharing maintenance responsibilities and expenses. By purchasing a condominium here at Oceana South, many owners are afforded the opportunity to live in a beachside residence that might be financially out-of-reach if there were only single-family homes available. But condominium living is not for everyone. Prospective buyers - and current owners - should realize that they are trading a certain amount of individual freedom, decision making, and even privacy for the benefits of community living.

To help you navigate the difficult and often confusing maze of federal, state and local laws that govern condominium associations, and learn the specifics of the policies, procedures, rules and regulations of Oceana South, the Board of Directors has provided a Condominium Owner Guide specific to Oceana South. 

This manual covers the specifics of how the Association is organized and run, as well as practical information on what maintenance responsibilities the individual owner must assume. Within the manual, there is also information on the gate entry system, insurance requirements, management duties and utility information, just to name a few topics. 

The Board and management encourages every owner to print and save this reference manual.