The Recreation Center 

NEW! - Financial Reserve Study

In August 2014, the Board of the Recreation Center contracted with a professional analysis company to perform a Reserve Study on the property. The purpose of the study was to determine whether the Recreation Center has the available savings, or reserve, funds to meet its future financial obligations in regards to big-ticket items (roof, paving, painting, pools & spa, building repairs) without the need for special assessments. The reserve study report is available by clicking the link above.

For owners in Oceana South Condominium, the Oceana South Association, Inc. is not to be confused with The Oceana South Condominium Association, Inc. The two associations are completely different, and, upon purchase of a unit in either Oceana South or in Island Crest each owner automatically becomes a member of the Oceana South Association.  The OSA is also known as the Recreation Center Association, and its primary responsibility is for the maintenance and protection of the property and assets of the recreation center facilities.

Owners should also note that membership in the OSA is slightly different than in the Condominium Association. The OSA is not a condominium association, but rather a property owner’s association, or POA.

In a Condominium Association, or COA, each member owns a percentage amount of the common property.  That percentage is used to calculate the regular and special assessments charged to the owner. Thus, in a COA, the amounts charged vary according to unit size.

In a POA, each member owns an equal share of the common property, as no one owner owns more than another. Thus, regular and special assessments are divided equally among the entire 252 members – 126 from each Island Crest and Oceana South.

The Board welcomes you to your recreation area and invites you to assist them in maintaining these facilities. In order to accomplish this, the Board has adopted a set of rules that owners are expected to abide by. Please remember that these rules have been adopted for owners, tenants and guests for the mutual benefit of all.

These rules and regulations apply to the Oceana South Association, Inc. and do not supersede any rule or regulation adopted by the Island Crest Condominium Association or Oceana South Condominium Association.  In the event you require clarification of these rules please contact the Recreation Association Manager or one of the Recreation Association Board of Directors.

Oceana South/Island Crest Clubhouse & Recreation Center Rules

For a printable version of these rules, click here: Recreation Center Rules

Objectionable behavior is not acceptable under any circumstance. These rules and regulations apply to the Oceana South Association, Inc. and do not supersede any rule or regulation adopted by the Island Crest Condominium Association or Oceana South Condominium Association.  In the event you require clarification of these rules please contact the Recreation Manager.


1. Hours of operation are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. All persons remaining in the clubhouse are subject to removal by the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office

2.     Upstairs recreation room reserved for adults only, (18 years or older).  Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

3.     Exercise room is for adults 18 years and older. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

4.     When using exercise equipment please remove oils from skin and use a towel to cover equipment.  Please use the spray provided to wash and wipe equipment after each use.  Equipment cannot be “reserved” with towels or clothing.  Use is on a first come first serve basis.  Please limit your time on the machines if others are waiting.

5.     No one is allowed in the building with wet bathing suits.  Before entering please check feet for sand or tar.  Bare feet are not allowed.  Pets are not allowed.

6.     The common recreation room is for the use of owners and their guests.  This room may be reserved for private parties.  When reserved by an owner or resident they will affirm that at least 50% of their guests will be family or residents of the two condominium buildings. The room is not available for outside parties where more than 50% of the guests are not residents.  Forms are available for private party use and instructions for reserving the room are available from the recreation manager.  If anyone needs cold food storage see the manager for access to the refrigerator. Barbeque grills will be made available when requested.  Rules for private party use are spelled out in the private party reservation form.


Entry to the recreation building is by electronic access.  Each member is given two (2) numbered key fobs which when swiped near the readers by each door, provide access.  Members may purchase an additional two fobs should they desire.  NOTE: Owners should write down the fob numbers assigned to them and keep this with other important records. The use of the fob system allows us to know who has entered the building and what time the building was entered.  Owners are responsible for the proper use of the fobs, for their use by family members and guests and for their security.  If a fob is lost, please notify the manager immediately and provide the number of the lost fob, so that it may be rendered inoperable.  This will prevent entry by unauthorized persons.  Members will be responsible for replacing lost fobs at the prevailing price. Renters and guests MUST obtain a fob from the unit owner. No exceptions.


1.     The pools and spa will be open between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. All persons remaining in the pool area or hot tub after 10:00 p.m. are subject to removal by the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.

2.     Children in diapers are not allowed in pools. Children not toilet trained must wear disposable swim pants. All persons must shower before entering the pool.  All body oils, sand and tar should be removed.

3.     Towels or other objects do not reserve lounge chairs.  If there are not enough chairs and a towel is reserving a chair for someone not in the pool area it may be removed to allow someone else use of the chair.

4.     No furniture is to be removed from the pool area.

5.     There is no lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.  No diving or cannonball jumping is allowed.  Children under 12 should be supervised and in the company of adults at all times. 

6.     Persons with health problems are advised not to use the spa.

7.     ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS beverage containers are allowed around the pool.  Use break-proof containers.

8.     Floatation devices allowed in pool include foam noodles, children’s arm bands and bubbles, children’s small soft tubes and life vests only.

9.  Cigarettes should be extinguished and placed in sand filled receptacles.  Trash should be placed in rubbish containers.

10.  No pets are permitted to stay in the pool area.


1.     Proper tennis attire is required including regulation shoes.  Tops are mandatory.

2.     Players will limit their games when others are waiting to play.

3.     Small children are not permitted in court area when adults are playing.

4.     Skate boards, bicycles, etc. are prohibited on the tennis courts.


Persons using barbeque and picnic tables must leave the area neat and orderly.  Use receptacles for waste.  Barbeque grills must be cleaned after each use.


1.     Place sandals, towels, etc. in the rack provided.

2.     Beach users must wash off all sand before leaving dune-walk.

3.     Check feet and footwear for tar and remove all tar at the tar station before returning to the common areas.


The dune is a protective barrier between our facilities and the ocean.  It is strictly forbidden by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to walk on or over the sand dune.  Please respect this area and do not walk on, dig in or climb on or over the dune.

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