Contractor & Tradespeople
Rules for On-site Work

Thank you for the work you do in helping to maintain this community. This information has been provided to help you understand and follow the rules for renovation or maintenance work.

Contractors and tradespeople must understand that the primary objective of the management and maintenance staff is to protect the property against damage and unnecessary maintenance. Many of the projects inside a unit require a permit, and it is the responsibility of the staff to ensure that alterations and repairs are made according to code. 

Some renovations require the approval from the Board of Directors. If you have a question about whether a project has been approved, please contact the unit owner. If a project has NOT been approved, the Association will stop the work until such time as the project can be reviewed.

Please Note: Contractors who violate these rules will be removed from the grounds immediately. If required, a damage report will be filed against the contractor with the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office and charges will be pursued through legal means.

  • Work must be completed Monday through Saturday, from the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No work may be performed on Sundays or ANY National holiday.
  • The Association Office does not provide access to the unit or grounds for long-term construction projects. Contractors must arrange with the unit owner to receive a gate remote and keys to the lobby and the unit. If contractors are expecting sub-contractors, then the contractor must arrange with the office as to how to get the sub-contractors on property.
  • ALL contractors and tradespeople must sign in and out each day. The register is located on the table in front of the elevators.
  • All construction vehicles must be parked at the NORTH end of the parking lot where signs are posted for Guest/Service Parking.
  • Deliveries: If materials are to be delivered to a unit, the contractor or owner must be on site to accept them and to supervise the delivery.
  • ALL equipment and materials for a project must be transported in the Service Elevator ONLY. The Service Elevator is the SOUTH elevator. If the passenger elevator arrives first, send it to another floor by pressing a floor button and wait for the Service Elevator.
  • All cutting, mixing, or construction MUST be done in the unit or at the side of the maintenance shed on the north end of the building. No portable power tools, portable scaffolds or stationary work tables may be set up on the walkways. No drywall, wood, glass or any other type of construction work may be performed on the walkways at anytime.
  • All debris or construction materials must be removed from all common areas As soon as possible. Please remember that this building is HOME to many people and the outside walkways are a part of their home. Respect their home by cleaning up any common areas, immediately so that they do not have to walk through debris or track it into their unit. Waiting until the end of the day is unacceptable.
  • No debris or construction materials may be placed in the garbage chutes or the garbage bins. All debris must be removed from the premises by the contractor. Any cleanup that must be done by the Oceana staff will result in a fine to the unit owner.
  • Construction dumpsters for unit renovation are allowed only with prior board approval and are strictly limited to 5 days on property. See Manager for approval
  • No dumping of liquids or materials around the north pond or behind the maintenance sheds.
  • There are NO sink facilities on the premises; all cleaning of tools, brushes, equipment, etc. must be done in the unit or off site.

If you have any questions, please contact the office or ask one of the maintenance staff in the building.